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Over Whelmed?

Yoga can help manage the fluctuation of the mind (P.Y.S. 1.2) to reduce unproductive thoughts, emotions, anxieties, and doubts. I can give you practices to regulate and utilize a positive mindset to take value-based actions. Rediscover and celebrate your resilience, resources, and mindfulness.


Take the load off your shoulders. Replace stress with mindfulness and meaningful relationships. Rreframe your perspective, and give yourself learned customized coping skills including breathing techniques, specific postures, affirmations, and awareness.


“Pain is inevitable, suffering is an option.” ~ H.H.D.L.

I can help you to become proactive in your health care, personalize a strengthening, stretching, and balancing routine for you, plus deep rest to heal. Yoga tools can reduce pain with positive mind training and daily self-loving care.

First, you fill out an intake form. Then we meet once or twice a week. Each session is an hour long. This can be in your home, if you live in Orange County, at Be The Change Yoga Studio in Irvine, or online using Zoom. Together we identify an accountable goal, a plan, and a program. This may include, adding more or less movement, breath practices, mindfulness meditation, Mantras, affirmations, lifestyle adjustments, and journaling to create an intention for a sustainable joyful mind and lifestyle.

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Group Yoga Class

Stretch, strengthen, and release. Gain flexibility, and inner balance

of your mind, body, and spirit.

Class includes Yoga postures, shapes, breathwork, meditation, hand positions, vibrational sounding, and a positive mindset.

Mondays and Wednesdays

10:30 – 11:45 am PDT

OC Yoga in Laguna Hills

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Mindful Meditation

The Susi Q Center in Laguna Beach sponsors Megan’s weekly online mindfulness meditation. She gently leads the group toward a quiet state of mind, encouraging the participants to let go of their stress and anxiety and enjoy the peacefulness of the present moment.

Tuesdays 4:00 – 4:45 pm PDT


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YES! Online Group Mentoship

MEG & TESS have over 55 years of combined experience as mentors and educators for yoga therapists, healthcare providers, 500-hour yoga instructors, Ayurvedic practitioners, and lifestyle coaches. Say YES! and join our group this year to discover the magic of yoga lifestyle and practice.

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Yoga Rest

Sustainable restful solutions. Customized yoga practices are not a magical sleep replacer; however, research evidence shows an overall improvement in sleep efficiency, and duration, and a reduction in the amount of time it takes to fall asleep, even when interrupted. Retrain your brain, and feel your best.

April 8, 15, 22, 29, May 6 and 13.

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Redwoods Meditation Retreat

April 3rd - 7th, 2024

I hope you can join the retreat to dedicate time to your sweet self with traditional practices

of meditation, heartfulness, Yoga, rest, friendly community, space for sacred silence, and the majestic Redwood Forest.

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Credentials and Accomplishments

Megan co-founded Santa Monica Yoga Studio in 1993 at the same time as receiving her M.F.C.C. She is a life learner and has over 1500 hours from accredited Yoga Teacher Training Programs, plus her Yoga Therapy Rx Certificate from Loyola Marymount University (LMU).

Megan created and facilitated Yoga Therapy for the Orange County Pain and Wellness Center for 3 years. She assisted in the opening of LMU’s Yoga Therapy Rx program at Venice Family Clinic, in Venice, CA in 2012.

Today, Megan is a Program Director, Practicum Supervisor, and faculty member at AlcheMe Yoga School in Irvine, CA. She loves her family, friends, travel, culture, community, and cooking.


Megan is a very experienced and supportive group leader, and she creates a meditative experience that is beneficial for beginners as well as for people who practice meditation regularly. We enjoy and appreciate your meditation. - R.C and L.C.

Tuesday's meditation class with Megan is a calm place in my day. A place of relaxation and ease where I can experience well-being that stays with me throughout the rest of my day. - M.O.

In a world that is noisy and go go go go, Mindful Meditation group meditation with Megan is a gift I give myself where I can slow down and practice being in the present moment. - T.C.

Consider joining the weekly Zoom meeting guided by Megan McCarver to enjoy and benefit from the practice of Mindful Meditation. Individually and collectively with other attendees, calm yourself by relaxing your body, focusing on a single positive thought, and enjoying the present moment. - D.F.

Lets Meet

Yoga teaches us that everything keeps changing. Let us together continue to adapt, evolve and stay in touch.

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